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Scrip101 is a beginner level training DVD for Softimage XSI. It introduces XSI artists to scripting techniques using both VBscript and Jscript.
Scripting 101 requires no prerequisite programming knowledge. The author will introduce programming concepts in an artist friendly manner, and will finish off by producing 2 scripts, the Spacer Tool and and Rig Guide scripts.

ICE Strand Dynamics is an intermediate level training DVD covering Strands and Verlet Dynamics in Softimage ICE. It starts with the basics of strand emission, from nulls and geometry, and ends up with a complete system for dynamic strand simulation.

The topics covered range from creating hair, colliding with geometry, designing a Radial Spring System, and finally to creating Dynamics Curves using ICE.

It's important to note that the author does not use any of the built-in or third party compounds available on the net. Instead, all the nodes are custom built from scratch, exposing the user to all the mathematical intricacies involved in developing a complex dynamics system.  

Scene files and compounds are included with this DVD.

Duration: 2 hrs 47 mn     Platform: Softimage 7.x and above     Author: Charbel Koueik



CE Strand Dynamics is authored by Charbel Koueik. Charbel has written a number if tites for Softimage with critical acclaim. His Technical Director Training series was and is used in major VFX studios around the world. That series explained the basics of Linear Algebra and Vector Math. It laid out the foundations necessary to grasp  the concepts behind using ICE in a productive, predictable manner.

This training title, ICE Strand Dynamics, assumes that the user has at least a basic understanding if ICE and its nodal system and workflow. The title does not cover ICE basics, like connecting nodes and the difference between a vector and a scalar. Instead it dives right into the action, without wasting time, and explores the mysterious world of ICE Strands. 

Every step is explained in clear detail, focusing on the why as well as the how, in a way that enables the user to use the acquired knowledge to build their own compounds. The level of math introduced in quite basic, but used efficiently to create a dynamics system based on the Verlet Integration algorithm. 

Verlet Integration is a particle dynamics equation that predicts the position of a particle at the next frame, given its positions at the current and previous frames. Once the equation is defined and understood, Charbel recreates it inside ICE, thus making it reusable for subsequent projects. One of the key points of ICE is its reusability, and this title makes great use of it. 

After the theory has been laid out, Charbel goes on to develop a hair dynamics system with geometry collision. Concepts such as Vector Addition, Subtraction, Cross Product and Matrix manipulation are explored and put to effective use. After this section of the DVD, the user should have a clear understanding of both how ICE works, and how to use mathematical concepts to create advanced dynamics systems for strands.

The next section deals with using the knowledge acquired, plus some extra bits of information added along the way, to create a radial spring system, similar to the one created in our Technical Director Training vol 2 title, but this time using ICE strands.

The DVD ends with a real world, production example of strand dynamics, that is the creation of a Dynamic Curve system, that can be used in Rigging, for tails, ears, fins... Dynamic Curves have been a much requested feature in Softimage for a long time, and here is the chance for everyone, with some knowledge of ICE, to create such a system, in an open and reusable manner.

This DVD is a must for everyone wanting to go deeper into the heart of computer graphics and animation, and understand how dynamics systems work under the hood. This title is great for technical directors (TD's), students, researchers and educators. It can fit perfectly within a university course covering interesting topics not found in common, ubiquitous programs. 

The topics covered are as follows:
  • Strands Introduction
  • Point Emission and Orientation
  • Strand Count and Ratio
  • Strand Position
  • Strand Dynamics Initialization
  • Strand Forces
  • Verlet Integration
  • Strand Constraints
  • Strand Stiffness
  • Strand Drag Force
  • Strand Collision with Geometry
  • Radial Spring
  • Strand Over Curve
  • Curve Dynamics Init
  • Curve Simulation
  • Curve Dynamics Completion



ICE Strand Dynamics for Softimage Demo

Technical Specs

ICE Strand Dynamics comes in downloadable format. The total size is around 1 Gb. The Ice Strand Dynamics interface needs a minimum of 1400 x 940 px screen resolution. Please note that you cannot run the DVD on a 1024x768 screen area. If you are on a slow connection, you can take all the time you need to download. We recommend using a download manager. Once downloaded, the training can be burnt on DVD for backup.

ICE Strand Dynamics requires Quicktime installed on the user's machine.

It is highly recommended to have the latest version of Quicktime installed on your system for optimal viewing experience.

ICE Strand Dynamics is node locked, which means that it can only be viewed on one machine, the one you got the license for, not necessarily the machine you downloaded from. Up to 2 extra licenses can be provided free of charge if so required.

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This training title is licensed to be used by the buyer only. Sharing is prohibited.

I have started watching the videos and I can only say I am smiling from ear to ear. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I joined a course at my local college last September and have learned more in 5 minutes from your videos than in all the time at college. Highly recommended! G. Nixon

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