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RiggingPRO is the most advanced rigging training for 3DS MAX available anywhere. This training DVD covers FK IK blending, arm leg and spine stretching, automatic limb twisting, advanced foot roll, banking and much more.

RiggingPRO will start off from scratch with a humanoid model (supplied with the DVD) and ends up with a film-production-level rig ready to animate. All the steps are included. Source files included. No scripts or plugins required.

Duration: 4 hours 10mn   Platform: 3DS MAX 2008 and above
Author: Charbel Koueik

RiggingPRO is an advanced rigging training kit for 3DS MAX. It's designed from the ground up to offer solid rigging training for aspiring and professional animators/riggers alike. RiggingPRO requires basic knowledge of the 3DS MAX controller system, as well as wiring, parenting and the reaction manage

The topics covered are as follows:
  • 3DS MAX Bones
  • Pivots
  • Bone Mirroring
  • IK Chains
  • FK Controls
  • Custom Attributes
  • FK IK Blending
  • Parameter Wiring
  • Arm Twisting
  • Leg Twisting
  • Custom Spine Setup
  • IK FK Stretching
  • Hand Controls
  • Finger Controls
  • AutoClavicle Setup
  • Head Controls



RiggingPRO for 3DS MAX Demo

Technical Specs

RiggingPRO comes in downloadable format. The total size is around 1.1 GBs.If you are on a slow connection, you can take all the time you need to download. We recommend using a download manager. Once downloaded, the training can be burnt on DVD for backup.

RiggingPRO requires Quicktime 7.x installed on the user's machine.


If you are running a Win 64-bit system, Quicktime might not run properly on that platform. You might experience some problems running our tutorials. We recommend using the tutorials on a 32-bit machine for optimum performance.

RiggingPRO is node locked, which means that it can only be viewed on one machine, the one you got the license for, not necessarily the machine you downloaded from. Up to 2 extra licenses can be provided free of charge if so required.

3DQUAKERS Licensing

Our training titles are protected against illegal distribution. Although no software can be crack-proof, we still try to implement some form of protection against piracy.When you run any of our commercial videos for the first time, you will get prompted to authorize them.
Note your Hardware Fingerprint, and send it to us along with your Name, and we will send you back (within 24 hours, but usually much less) a Key that you enter once, and never have to worry about authorizing again. 

I have started watching the videos and I can only say I am smiling from ear to ear. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I joined a course at my local college last September and have learned more in 5 minutes from your videos than in all the time at college. Highly recommended! G. Nixon

Purchase info

Once the order is placed, you will instantly receive an email with instructions to our download area. Once downloaded, you should send us your Name and the Hardware Fingerprint to authorize it on your machine. All credit card processing is handled by Esellerate. No credit card info is passed to 3DQUAKERS.