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Scrip101 is a beginner level training DVD for Softimage XSI. It introduces XSI artists to scripting techniques using both VBscript and Jscript.
Scripting 101 requires no prerequisite programming knowledge. The author will introduce programming concepts in an artist friendly manner, and will finish off by producing 2 scripts, the Spacer Tool and and Rig Guide scripts.

Technical Director Volume 1 is an intermediate level training DVD for Softimage XSI. It builds on concepts acquired in Scripting 101 to introduce Scripted Operators using Jscript.

Technical Director Volume 1 starts off by showcasing the difference between expressions and scripted operators, and after several practical examples, finishes off by coding, from scratch, a Measuring Tape Plugin.

Vectors and Transformations are explained in much detail. Although ICE is not covered in this series, the math presented makes it the perfect introduction to ICE!

Scene files and scripts are included with this DVD.

Note: The Dynamo addon is NOT bundled with this DVD

Duration: 4 hours    Platform: Softimage 7.x and above
Author: Charbel Koueik

The Technical Director Training Volume 1 is a scripting downloadable DVD for Softimage XSI. Authored by Charbel Koueik, this DVD scopes the programming spectrum in Softimage XSI, starting from Expressions, moving on to Scripted Operators and finishing with Plugin Development. Using JScript, the author will explore the differences between Expressions and Scripted Operators, and showcases, in several examples, when and why we need to use one over the other.

This DVD will focus mainly on Kinematics, and therefore will delve extensively into Vectors and Transforms. 3D Math basics will be clearly explained. The viewer does not need any prior math knowledge in order to understand the material. Charbel will show why and when we need to use Vectors, and the advantage of Vectors over using individual x, y, z components. Having set a clear foundation of Vector and Transformation principles, he will then move on to Vector Operations, covering the most commonly used opeations for 3D graphics, namely Vecotr Addition, Subtraction, Dot and Cross Products, Vector Normalization, and so forth. Rotations will also be elaborated on, and Charbel will explain how to combine them with Vectors to control transformations. The next section in the DVD will consist of recreating 2 XSI constraints, the Position Constraint and the Orientation Constraint. Another application of Vector operations will be a Rolling Ball Scripted Operator where the user can move the ball around and have it rotate realistically in realtime.

After the section on Vectors, Charbel will build on the concepts acquired and use them to create a Measuring Tape Plugin from scratch. All the steps are detailed with live coding sessions. The Tape Plugin is supplied, along with scene files, with the DVD.

The topics covered are as follows:
  • Expressions
  • Wheel Rotations
  • Garage Door Automatic Opening
  • Script Motion
  • Scripted Operator Motion
  • SCOP Wheel Rotation
  • Vectors
  • Vector Operations
  • Vectors and Transforms
  • Controlling text with Scripting
  • Recreating the Position Constraint
  • Recreating the Orientation Constraint
  • Rolling Ball Scripted Operator
  • Tape Plugin Layout
  • Tape Plugin Callbacks
  • Tape Plugin Finalized


Technical Director Training 1 for Softimage XSI Demo

Technical Specs

TD Training Vol I comes in downloadable format. The total size is around 700 MB.The TD Training Vol I interface needs a minimum of 1152 x 864 screen resolution. Please note that you cannot run the DVD on a 1024x768 screen area. Anything beyond that is enough though in order to see the interface properly.If you are on a slow connection, you can take all the time you need to download. We recommend using a download manager. Once downloaded, the training can be burnt on DVD for backup.

TD Training Vol I requires Quicktime installed on the user's machine.

Please install the latest Quicktime for optimum performance.

TD Training vol 1 is node locked, which means that it can only be viewed on one machine, the one you got the license for, not necessarily the machine you downloaded from. Up to 2 extra licenses can be provided free of charge if so required.

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I have started watching the videos and I can only say I am smiling from ear to ear. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I joined a course at my local college last September and have learned more in 5 minutes from your videos than in all the time at college. Highly recommended! G. Nixon

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