AUTOMATIC RIGGING (part 2 of the Automatic Rigging series)


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Scrip101 is a beginner level training DVD for Softimage XSI. It introduces XSI artists to scripting techniques using both VBscript and Jscript.
Scripting 101 requires no prerequisite programming knowledge. The author will introduce programming concepts in an artist friendly manner, and will finish off by producing 2 scripts, the Spacer Tool and and Rig Guide scripts.
Automatic Rigging is an intermediate level training DVD for Softimage XSI. It builds on concepts acquired in Scripting 101 to script out the creation of an advanced film quality rig using both VBscript and Jscript.
Automatic Rigging starts off by creating functions that will be used to automate the process of building the RiggingPRO rig, with advanced features such as automatic twisting, stretching, an animation control panel and much more...
The finished addon is supplied for free with this DVD.

Duration: 6 hours 25 mn   Platform: Softimage 6.x and above
Author: Charbel Koueik

The Automatic Rigging DVD is a continuation of the topics covered in the Scripting 101 DVD. In Scripting 101, Charbel introduced fundamental concepts of scripting using both VBscript and Jscript. He also built the Rig Guide script that will be used for the proportions of the rig. In this DVD, Charbel will be building the actual rig along with the Animation Control Panel. He will start off by defining the main functions that will be used to create the skeletal bones of the rig. Then he moves on to the parenting and contraints that will eventually build up the RiggingPRO rig.

A lot of subtle refinements were added to the RiggingPRO rig, thus making the resulting rig as flexible and enjoyable to animate as possible. The next part of the DVD will cover the creation of the Animation Control Panel, which is a centralized panel for controlling one or more characters at a time. This DVD will showcase the creation of 2 major scripts: the AutoRIG and the Character Control scripts. The last chapter of the DVD will show how to package the addon for installation of different machines if required.

The Automatic Rigging Addon is bundled with this DVD
The topics covered are as follows:
  • Creating 2-bone chains
  • Creating 1-bone chains
  • Creating skeletons
  • Foot controls
  • Constraints
  • Leg rigging
  • Leg twist
  • Spine rig
  • Fingers rig
  • Arm elements
  • Arm rigging
  • Arm stretch
  • Head rig
  • Character controls
  • Logic explained
  • Addon packaging

Automatic Rigging for Softimage XSI Demo

Technical Specs

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Please install the latest Quicktime for optimum performance.

Automatic Rigging is node locked, which means that it can only be viewed on one machine, the one you got the license for, not necessarily the machine you downloaded from. Up to 2 extra licenses can be provided free of charge if so required.

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I have started watching the videos and I can only say I am smiling from ear to ear. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I joined a course at my local college last September and have learned more in 5 minutes from your videos than in all the time at college. Highly recommended! G. Nixon

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